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Worldwide Campaign

RQ Collection would like to invite and encourage all

Companies - Businesses - Entrepreneurs - Organizations - Churches - Groups - Individuals;

to help support the promotion of this Stop The Violence worldwide campaign.


Just like light will always shine through the dark. In due course good will always prevail against evil.

Our goal with this t-shirt is to stand united worldwide. Strongly opposing every manner of senseless

violence; that has done irrevocable damage wrongfully affecting the lives of so many people.

A portion of proceeds will be donated to further efforts to support this cause

Community Events          Professional / Motivational Speakers          Funding Support

Order Your T-Shirts Now!
Individual Orders
Group Orders - 15 Minimum

T-Shirts Purchased Through The Support Of Businesses Are Tax Deductible


The Seed You Plant In The Life Of Someone Today, Can Very Well Make The Difference In A Life Saving Choice Tomorrow 

Order T-Shirts For Your Company, Business and Employees To Show The World You Stand United For Stop The Violence.

Order T-Shirts As A Gift For Your Customers To Thank Them For Their Business and Support, While Illuminating A Powerful Sentiment.

Order T-Shirts For Your Organization, Church or Group To Represent Your Stand In The Communities For Stop The Violence. 

Order T-Shirts For your Family, Friends, Co-Workers and Young Adults To Help Raise Awareness For Stop The Violence.

Order T-Shirts To Donate To: Domestic Violence Shelters, Educational Institutions and Cultural Awareness Programs. 

Order T-Shirts To Donate To: Mental Health Organizations.

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